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Epoxy Sheet

Epoxy Sheet is a versatile & durable material designed to meet the demanding requirements

Epoxy Tube for Breaker is a high-quality insulating material designed specifically for use in circuit breakers. 

FRP Busbar Support is a durable & lightweight solution designed to provide structural support 

This is a versatile & durable material designed for use in partitioning applications across various industries. 

FRP Sheets are versatile building materials known for their durability, strength

FRP Shrouds are specialized protective covers designed to encase & shield various  

FRP Tubes are lightweight, durable, & corrosion-resistant cylindrical structures used in various industrial applications. 

Glass Support is a specialized structural component designed to provide stable and reliable support for glass panels

Polyester Sheet is a versatile & durable material used in various industrial and commercial applications. 

Pultruded Sections are high-strength, lightweight structural components manufactured using the pultrusion process. 

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